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I am a freelance web designer in Jakarta - specialized in User Interface Design and Website Design. I built this wahyudesign already more than 11 years ago and I build clean websites, professional and interesting that according to the latest web standards.

The equipment I use in designing websites such as, Mac OS, Windows, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Macromedia Flash. I code sites with XHTML and CSS ,Using a little JavaScript and PHP, and a lot of Usability, Accessibility, and Web Standards. I As one of the developers listed in the index of a web design book in 2002 and 2004, 2008 (Pepin Press). That does not make me continue to stop for creativity.

I also provide freelance graphic design services for print, from conceptual design to the creation of brand identity.

My client so far between, the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, Amoco Mitsui PTA, British Petroleum,
World Bank, Mitsubishi Motors, Indonesian Economist Association, Pfizer, Grandkemang Hotel, Grage Sangkan hotel spa, and many more,
the list is still ongoing. .


If you like what you see, we can work together on the same track.
To view a complete list of my projects, feel free to contact me via email or SMS, to ask for more details ...


  • HDII
    Adira Insurance - DB Insurance
    mbah jingkrak

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. Terminal UKMJembatan Simpatibakusi Waterbakusi Energi HDII Regional DKI Jakarta World Trans Project Mitsubishi Motor Surtech Prima Selaras Cipta Solusi Tugu Pratama Sekolah Cita Persada Mitsubishi Motor Asosiasi Toilet Indonesia Asian Pasific Coconut Community INIAS Grandkemang Hotel Grage Sangkan Hotel - Cirebon Desamuda Village - Bali Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia Ikatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia Pfizer Amoco Mitsui Bank Dunia British Petroleum Kementerian Komunikasi dan informatika republik indonesia focustama sentralindo sindang panorama
Perum. Telaga Kahuripan
Sektor Taman Ganesha, Blok E4-24
Parung - Bogor 16330
Mobile. +62 811 969 089 | +62 88 11 213 821



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